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The LaunchBox® Workshop

The LaunchBox® is a workshop series designed to assist business owners and executive’s to better prepare businesses to build and implement strong measurable marketing, branding and public relations strategies to grow into their visions from wherever they are today. Beginning by developing a solid foundation, a true strategy; helping companies identify their primary client through profiling & research. Upon completion of the workshop the participants will be armed with a comprehensive marketing, branding and public relations strategy they can easily implement and grow.

Company executives and / or owners apply, and once selected to participate, are placed into carefully planned non-competitive groups of 7 - 10 unique businesses. Collaboration is key to the success of the workshop. Each company must commit to attend all of the session’s, complete assignments outside the workshop environment, provide feed back and be open to others in the group giving feedback.

Often we find that companies will take the time to complete their business plan, build the product, develop the service plan and even generate sales pipelines and forecasts. However, when it comes time to put the "go to market strategy" together, they forget the marketing side of the equation.

Having a plan or, as we will refer to it in The LaunchBox®, a road-map is critical to the level of success you will experience throughout your own launch. When you work as hard as you do to build your business, isn't it worth launching it the right way?

No need to be shy, this is a collaborative experience and our team is here to support your efforts. Read on to learn more about what makes The LaunchBox successful...


  • Prior to attending the class, my market strategy was unclear . My knowledge of a marketing plan and the reason behind it was vague. I now unders...

    ETC Participant
  • Reaching for the stars is so rewarding…
    Being chosen for the Colorado State Leader for ‘The Launch Box’ Is an amazing leap in life! ‘A w...

    Dixie Daly
  • I had no idea how much I did not know about marketing

    ETC Participant
  • This is a great marketing focused workshop. It really requires the company to focus on tangible steps to improve their marketing. Also, it's a u...

    ETC Participant

The LaunchBox®

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