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  • Marketing Strategy

    Do you know the key elements of your marketing plan?

  • Branding...

    It's much more then a logo or tagline...
    It's who you are and what you stand for.

  • Public Relations

    What do you want your prospects, customers,
    and partners to know about your company?

  • Advertising

    How do you communicate with your market?

  • Online Presence

    Are you missing out on visibility and
    excluding yourself from the conversation?


Welcome to The Launchbox®!

The Launchbox is a proven program designed to guide you in building a Strategy for your Business Success through Marketing, Branding, and Public Relations.

Our vision is to provide a quality, collaborative working environment for growing businesses to gather knowledge, increase exposure and identify the appropriate metrics for measuring success. With integrity, honesty and an open mind, The Launch Box team is committed to helping companies and local economies grow.

Roundtable Workshop

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Join the Movement. Grow your Business.


  • I had no idea how much I did not know about marketing

    ETC Participant
  • Reaching for the stars is so rewarding…
    Being chosen for the Colorado State Leader for ‘The Launch Box’ Is an amazing leap in life! ‘A w...

    Dixie Daly
  • This is a great marketing focused workshop. It really requires the company to focus on tangible steps to improve their marketing. Also, it's a u...

    ETC Participant
  • Prior to attending the class, my market strategy was unclear . My knowledge of a marketing plan and the reason behind it was vague. I now unders...

    ETC Participant

The LaunchBox®

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